Ranson Elementary School Celebrates
American Education Week

Grandparents Lunch

Grandparents were invited to join our students for Lunch on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

WVU Parents Session

​​Parents were invited to attend a program / session on "Parenting in the 21st Century" held by Amanda Johnson with WVU Extension Office in Tuesday, November 19th.

Business partner

Mrs. Stacie Rohn with the Boys and Girls Club reading to a class on Thursday, November 21.

Cassette stopped by to donate supplies to the Animal Welfare Society and visit with one of the 3rd grade classes. 

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority  ( Carla Hunter & Delores Foster) hosted the Pillowcase Project on Friday, November 22nd.

Pumpkin  Day Activities
in the Outdoor Classroom

Kindergarten had an educational Pumpkin Day while using the Outdoor Classroom.
Pumpkin Life Cycle
Students creating headbands while learning about the life cycle of a pumpkin, and investigating the parts of the plant.

pumpkin science activity
Students participating in a science activity. They measured the pumpkin using inch worms, and observed if the pumpkins sink or float.

pumpkin book
Book reading -  observing the characteristics of a pumpkin.

pumpkin volcano
Students observing the "Pumpkin Volcano" science activity.

Outdoor classroom donors
Mrs. Corbett with some of the Outdoor Classroom Donors.
(from left to right: Mr. Roger Ethier - EWBI, Mr. Robert Paich - Walmart Store Manager, and  Ms. Elisie Dunlap - Walmart Assistant Manager)

Beginning of the Year

Donation 1
The Bridge Church
Donation 2
Middleway Methodist Church
Donation 3The Rotary Club

Our Mission

Through excellence in teaching and learning, Jefferson County Schools will ensure that all students achieve academic success, value themselves and others, contribute to their communities, and succeed in a global society.

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