Department Information

Counseling Services Provided

The role of the school counselor at Ranson Elementary is to help all students fully develop their academic, personal, and social abilities. The counselor is an educator who delivers a comprehensive guidance program in the school.

The following services are offered:

Individual Counseling - Individual counseling is provided to any student referred to the counselor by students themselves, their teacher, their principal, or by any other school employee. Confidentiality is very important in individual guidance.

Small Group - Small group counseling is provided for two or more students, K-5th, sharing the same needs. Participants of the group are referred by teachers, by self-referral, by the principal or by the parents. Groups typically last 6-8 weeks and are carefully planned to reduce the out of classroom time. Some of the group topics are the following: Divorce/Separation Group Focus Group Social Skills Group Bereavement Group Study Skills Group.

Classroom Lessons - Classroom sessons is where the counselor spends most of his/her time. The counselor provides lessons based on the American School Counseling Association National Standards.

Consultation/Collaboration - The Elementary Counseling Team consults and/or collaborates with teachers, parents, staff, administrators, outside agencies, and community agencies to provide the best care for our students.

Student Assessment - The counselor assists in the coordination of WVstudent assessment (WESTEST) and provides individual student screenings for Attention Deficit and Hyperacity Disorder as well as other emotional/behavioral disorders.

Coordination of Referral Services - As the need arises for outside agencies to become involved with the services provided to students, the counselor coordinates referrals to those agencies and provides follow-up care as needed.

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