Physical Education Class Syllabus

Dear Students and Parents,

Hello! My name is Mr. Harman and I am the P.E. teacher at Ranson Elementary. You will find the curriculum for each grade level at the following Website: Policy 2520.55

Each grade level will be challenged to improve their overall health, fitness, hand-eye coordination, balance, strength, endurance, and cooperation skills. Beginning with Pre- K and then progressing through each grade level, students will advance in their levels of performance.

Parents please be aware of the days of the week in which your child is scheduled for Physical Education class. On these days, students should wear tennis shoes, pants, and loose fitting clothing to school. In addition, if your child has a health issue, such as asthma, please inform me of the condition. Accommodations will be made in such cases.

Students will be engaged in P.E. class for 40 minutes. During this period, each student is expected to participate in all activities. All grade levels will be evaluated in the following manner:

1. Outstanding

2. Satisfactory

3. Needs Improvement

Students will be evaluated on performance, effort, and cooperation. I look forward to working with the young people and parents of Ranson Elementary.

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