2019 - 2020 School Handbook

Ranson Elementary



National Title 1 Distinguished School

     WV School of Excellence

   WV Title 1 Distinguished School

   WV High Progress Reward School



   Student Handbook 2019-2020



   600 North Preston Street

     Ranson, WV  25438






School:      (304)725-7310

Cafeteria:  (304) 728-6160

Fax:          (304) 725-1912







Ranson Elementary School Staff




Principal: Mrs. Debra R. Corbett


Head Teacher: Ms. Bett Sims


Secretary: Mrs. Tracey Rizk

Clerk/Aide: Mrs. Roberta Baker

School Nurse: Ms. Suzy Joran



Mrs. Melissa Back

Mrs. Anne Miller

Kindergarten Aides:


Ms. Sandra Longerbeam

Mrs. Jamie Ranalli


Grade One:

Mrs. Amy Schmitt

Mrs. Kathryn Emswiler

Mrs. Ashlee Ratcliffe


Grade Two:

Mr. Connor Herndon

Mrs. Karri Schnably

Mrs. Julia Barney


Grade Three:

Ms. Elizabeth Lee

Mrs. Amy Smith

Ms. Jen Prusha


Grade Four:

Mrs. Rachel Kubic

Mrs. Megan Mossburg

Mrs. Susan Shepard


Grade Five:

Mrs. Jaclyn Sanchez

Mrs. Kathy Millner

Mr. Michael Woodbrey


Tile I Site Facilitator & Reading Specialist:

Mrs. Pat Levac


Title I Reading Specialist:

Mrs. Susan Heerd


Title I Parent Involvement Associate:

Mrs. Monica Addison

Mrs. Charlene Gonzalez



Title I Instructional Coaches:

Mrs. Jennifer Dubrasky

Mrs. Megan Kitzmiller


Title III ELL Teacher: TBA


Interventionist & Instructional Support:

Mrs. Karen Grant

Mrs. Mary Duke

Mrs. Beppie Willingham

Ms. Derby Hammond


Counselor: Mr. Joseph Shepherd

Clinical Social Worker: Ms. Katie DeRonda

Technology Specialist: Ms. Judith Cain

Special Education: Ms. Bett Sims


Special Education Aide: Mrs. Lorraine Pickett



Teacher of the Hearing Impaired: Mrs. Laura Berkeley


Education Interpreter: Mrs. Barbara Rupert


Speech Therapist: TBA


Music: Mrs. Bonnie Pullen

Band: Mr. Sean Cookus

Art: Ms. Emily Cumberland

Librarian: Mrs. Tara Hopfer

Physical Education: Mr. Bill Harman


General Aide: Mrs. Susan Little


Cafeteria Staff:

Mrs. Karen Viands - Cafeteria Manager

Mrs. Ashley Godfrey

Mrs. Georgiana Harder

Mrs. Jamie Hottel

Mrs. Marsha Kidwell

Mrs. Bev Fowler-Fresh Fruit &Veg.Coordinator



Mr. Todd Brady

Mr. John Hertelendy

Mrs. Jessica Chandler





Daily Schedule


7:55 AM                School office opens

8:00 – 8:25           Breakfast for students


Please note:  Students should only arrive at 8:00 AM if eating breakfast.


8:15 AM                Doors open for class entrance

8:25 AM                Tardy bell/classroom instruction begins.


Students entering the school after 8:25 AM must report to the office and receive a tardy slip before proceeding to their class.


11:00-1:00 PM     Lunches served

3:00   PM              Dismissal of Kindergarten

3:05   PM             Dismissal of First and Second Grade Students

3:10   PM             Dismissal of Third through Fifth Grade Students

3:30  PM             School office closed


Weather Related Closing and Delays


Scheduled classes for Jefferson County Public Schools will not be canceled unless the health, safety, and/or well-being of the students are threatened by inclement weather or a serious emergency.  Parents and students will be informed by the following broadcasting stations concerning the status of school closings or delayed opening.


                                                97.5 FM                  WLTF- Martinsburg, WV

                                                92.5 FM                  WINC – Winchester, VA

                                                105.5 FM                 WXBN – Berryville, VA

                                                1550 AM                  WMRE- Charles Town

TV Cable Channel 18
TV Channel 25 WDVM


Jefferson County School’s website – boe.jeff.k12.wv.us


Please do not call the school or board of education offices, as these telephone lines must be kept open for emergency communications.  When the opening of school has been delayed, students should not arrive at school earlier than the announced opening time since school staff members may also arrive at a later time.  When school is dismissed early, it is the parent’s responsibility to inform each child as to where he/she is suppose to go in case of an early release.

 Visitors to Ranson Elementary

Visitors are always welcome at Ranson Elementary.  All visitors must push the buzzer on the wall to the left of the door in order to enter the building and then go directly to the school office.  Visitors must properly identify themselves to the office with I.D.,

 then receive a badge to wear.  Teachers will only allow visitors in the class if wearing the proper I.D. Badge. We do ask that parents wishing to visit the classroom make prior arrangements with their child’s teacher before coming to their room.  Please sign out in the office when the visit is over.  We ask that all volunteers follow the same procedures.  As a safety precaution, we ask that parents picking students up or dropping students off, park in the designated areas only.  We do not want students walking in the path of a moving vehicle. 

 Family members who pick up students at the end of the school day are asked to

remain outside the front door areas until their children join them


A  Photo I.D. is required from anyone entering the school.



Fire Drill and Emergency Evacuations

Students will periodically practice emergency exiting procedures at school.  The purpose is to familiarize the students and staff with the procedure so that they will know exactly what to do in the event of an actual fire or any building evacuation.  It will be a great help if all families practice evacuations at home and reinforce the importance of these drills with each child. More emergency detailed plans will be sent home for your awareness.


Emergency Information Regarding Students

It is extremely important that emergency telephone numbers and address information is kept updated for each student and is on file in the school office.  If the Emergency Care information for your child changes during the school year please be sure to notify the school office of such changes.  School personnel must be able to contact parents in the event of accidents and emergency situations.

Jefferson County School news and events are broadcasted daily on cable Channel 18.  Please refer to the station to obtain school information throughout the county.  Please check the Jefferson County Schools’ website; http://boe.jeff.k12.wv.us, for additional emergency news.

Emergency Service Plan

 An early release plan will be followed in the event of an emergency.  Steps will be taken to ensure a swift and trouble free dismissal.  The Student Emergency Early Dismissal Form needs to be completed and on file with your child’s teacher.  Parents will be contacted according to the information provided.  In cases of emergency evacuation students may be transported to another school or safe site. Please make sure teachers have student’s accurate information on file.


Schools are responsible for teaching your child, but schools can’t do their job if your child is absent.  A child who misses a day or any part of a day of school also misses a day of learning that might never be replaced.  You can help by making school a top priority by having your child attend daily and on time.  By building the habit of daily attendance, you’ll help your child see that school is important.  Please review the Board of Education attendance policy for further information.

In the event that your child is absent from school, you should send a doctor or parent note in with the student on the first day he/she returns. The note should include your child’s first and last name, the date(s) of absence, and the reason for the absence. Phone calls are not accepted to excuse absences.

Early Dismissal of Students

Parents should avoid scheduling any student appointments during the school day.  Students miss valuable class time when they are not present.  If an emergency request is needed for an early dismissal, parents must send a note with the student for their release prior to that time.  

Students arriving at school after 11:40 AM will be considered half day absent for that morning and students leaving school before 1:16 PM will be considered half day absent for that afternoon.  Refer to the County Student/Parent Handbook for attendance policy information. 

Parents, guardians, or designated adults picking up students must come into the office to sign the Student Check-out log; noting the time of dismissal, the reason for early dismissal, and the name of the person with whom the student left school.  The student will be called to the office, when check-out has been completed.  A note from the parent/guardian needs to be submitted to the student’s teacher for any changes to their regular dismissal routine

A  Photo I.D. is required from anyone picking up a student.



Any child who is tardy for school must report to the office first.  If a child enters the classroom after 8:25AM.bell, teachers are instructed to send the child to the office to receive a tardy slip.  Tardy time may be made up during the day in order to complete any instruction missed.


                Actions for being tardy per 9 weeks may consist of:

  • Report to the office and explain reason for tardiness.
  • Written notification or phone call to parent.
  • Parent conference with principal or counselor and time made up to complete missed assignments.
  • County Attendance Officer will be notified for further investigation and time made up.


In accordance with Jefferson County Schools Attendance Policy, parents or legal guardians will be notified in writing by the school principal.  The attendance officer will be asked to investigate any subsequent incidences of tardiness. 


The tardy bell rings at 8:25 AM

Purpose of Agenda/Handbook


We would like you and your family to take time to look through the student handbook that is currently on Ranson’s website or you may request, in writing, a hard copy.  I know many of you are very familiar with the operation of the school, but the handbook also serves as a quick reference for the entire year.   The purpose for continuing to implement the agenda program is to:

  1. Save time by making students more accountable for homework and schedules.
  2. Give students and parents a record of all assignments, test, grades, etc.
  3. Allow parents to have a direct link to our school.
  4. Provide a vehicle for communication between parents and teachers.


The staff hopes that you find the agenda program beneficial.  Please continue to review and sign daily in order to help promote our common goals.  Your child’s classroom teachers will further explain the agenda usage in class.  If there are any questions you may have that are not answered, please call the office at (304)725-7310.  We are looking forward to having your child spend part of their educational future with us.


“If they plan to learn, they must learn to plan.”

Agenda Policy

At Ranson Elementary, we believe that our school agenda is an important tool for our educational program.  It provides the student with a way to organize assignments and set goals for their learning. The agenda also serves as a means of communication between home and school.  We have set these guidelines to make the agenda effective for all our students.


  1. Agenda must be signed daily by a parent/guardian.
  2. Agenda cannot be pre-signed.
  3. Teachers will check agenda daily.
  4. Assignments, projects, unfinished work, upcoming activities & events, etc., is to be written in the agenda.
  5. Students who do not get their agenda signed five (5) times in a calendar month will need to report to the principal or head teacher.  A conference with the parents/guardians may be scheduled if the problem continues.
  6. It is the student’s responsibility to have their agenda at school daily.


If a student’s agenda is lost or damaged, a replacement cost will be required.


Student School Insurance

A take home brochure about the student accident insurance program will be provided for each child on the Student Information Table.  Details of the student accident insurance are explained in the brochure.  There are several plans to choose from and all checks should be made payable to the insurance company.  Please don’t send insurance applications to the school, it should be mailed directly to the insurance company.  If in need of medical insurance for your child, contact W.V.C.H.I.P at 304-525-3334.

Medication Policy

When it becomes necessary for the office staff to administer ANY medication, prescribed and/or non- prescriptive (cough syrup, non-aspirin, cough drops, etc.) to any student at school, an approved authorization form (prescribed medicine) or a detailed note from parent (OTC medicine), must be on file in the school office before medication can be administered. The Jefferson County Schools Administration of Medication Form includes a written doctor’s and parent’s permission stating name of student, birth date,  grade, diagnosis, name of medication, type of administration, method of administration, and dosage that medication should be given.  Medication must always come in original container.  A record (medication log) of administering the medication will be kept on each student.  All medication will be kept locked in the office at all times.  You may get the above forms in the school office. Refer to the Jefferson County Student/Parent Handbook for more information.


Having a Communicable Disease will be cause for a student to be removed from school until a medical clearance for re-entry is obtained from a school nurse, family doctor, or health department.  Students may be removed from school for having head lice, scabies, hepatitis, mononucleosis, viral conjunctivitis, (i.e. pink eye) etc.  The school health nurse will assist with all health-related cases.


Marking System

Student’s tests, selected homework assignments, class participation, quizzes, class assignments, projects, and other class activities that the teacher deems appropriate will be averaged to arrive at the student’s final grade.  However, at various times, the teacher may choose to assign more weight on selected tests and assignments in determining a student’s grade during a particular grading period. Please refer to the county grading policy, as well.


Since students are graded at the level they are working, a student may receive a higher grade or rating than his/her achievement may demonstrate because the student is working on a level that may not match their grade placement.  The instructional level will be clearly marked on the student’s instructional level information for parent upon request.  In addition, some teachers may be using an assessment check list to further evaluate student progress.

Interim Reports and Report Card schedules will be issued to parents.  If you need a password to review LiveGrades online call or visit the school office. (LiveGrades are only available for grades 3rd –5th.)


School Assignment and Make-up Work Procedures

Parents are encouraged to call the school in the morning and request a child’s make up work.  You may pick up their assignments in the office from 3:00 PM to 3:30 PM or have it sent home by a sibling, or other family member.

Homework/ Review Assignments

The educational process is a continuous cycle and is not just confined to the classroom.  Students may complete some review or practice work while at home as well.  Students will be provided with folders to put work in to complete or for their parents to review. New materials will not be introduced as an assignment.  Students are encouraged to write all information required in their agenda daily.   Parents will be notified about any missing assignments or make up work not turned in through: agenda stamp, notes, phone call, conference, livegrades etc.).  Your child’s teacher will determine when missed assignments are to be completed. 

Referral Process For Special Education Services

Any parent or teacher may refer a student for consideration of areas of exceptionalities.  Referrals may be presented to the Student Assistance Team (S.A.T.) or the principal.  Each referral is reviewed on an individual basis and any appropriate action recommended by the committee will be reported to parents. Ranson Elementary currently offers programs for Emotional/ Behavioral Disorders, Hard of Hearing, Gifted, Intellectual Disability, Orthopedic Impairment, Other Health Impairment, Specific Learning Impairment and Speech/Language Impairment.





Please refer to the provided monthly menus to know what food is being served. 

BREAKFAST:  Breakfast is served daily at Ranson Elementary starting at 8:00 AM  in the cafeteria.   Students are encouraged to be in the cafeteria before the tardy bell rings at 8:25AM in order to receive breakfast and not miss valuable class time.  Students may choose either a hot or cold breakfast. 

Students who are eating breakfast will enter the front doors of the school, go directly to their classroom for their meal ticket, and then go immediately to the cafeteria.              

LUNCH:  A well balanced meal is provided for lunch each day.  The primary responsibility of this program is to meet the child’s nutritional needs.  A typical meal pattern may include:


                                1 Serving -            Meat or Meat Alternate

                                1 Serving-              Fruit

                                1 Serving-              Bread or Bread Alternate

                                1 Serving-              Fluid Milk

                                1 Serving-            Vegetable

Children who choose to bring a pack lunch from home must pay for milk or they may bring a beverage from home.  No glass containers or carbonated beverages will be allowed in the cafeteria due to safety concerns.  Water will be available if needed.  If your child is medically unable to drink milk or eat the school lunch, a form, which is available in the cafeteria or office, must be filled out by your doctor so we can offer an alternate meal to them. The Cafeteria is monitored by the Jefferson County Health Department and the Office of Child Nutrition.  Outside food items are not permitted for students who eat a school lunch.  Please indicate any other food allergies related to your child on his/her emergency form.

In addition to serving free meals to our students, Ranson Elementary provides an afternoon fresh fruit or vegetable snack several days a week.  These healthy snacks are provided by a Nutrition Grant awarded to Ranson Elementary School.

Eating Breakfast or Lunch with a Student

Adult Meal Prices:               $3.25 Breakfast              $4.25 Lunch


Many parents may work irregular shifts and are not always at home during the evening meal time.   Ranson Elementary has a standing invitation for any parent/guardian or grandparent to eat breakfast or lunch at school with their children occasionally.  (Please keep in mind that we only can serve a limited amount of extra meals per day.) We ask only that a reservation be made the day before you plan to join us, by sending a note or calling the school.  We will provide a special table for you and your child to have lunch. Keep in mind that our cafeteria is very limited in seating. We encourage parents to purchase a school meal rather than bringing in outside food.

School/Student Celebrations

Prior arrangements must be made with your child’s teacher for any celebrations.  According to WV Standard for School Nutrition no foods containing 40% or more sugar by weight can be served.  Any juice or juice product served must contain a minimum of 20% real juice.  The WV Standards for school Nutrition also requires any food to be served must be store bought with ingredients listed on package label.  Foods containing peanuts or peanut products are not allowed.

Child Abuse and Neglect

West Virginia State Law requires teachers to report suspected cases of child abuse and neglect.  The law further protects the teacher against liability for referring such cases in good faith.  All cases are sent to the counselor or principal for further investigation.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Parents may review the information, contained in the handbook in the school office.  Remember, children’s rights do not end at the school house door.  Students’ rights and freedoms are respected in all school activities.



Student Dress Code

While we recognize that choice of attire and grooming are matters of personal expression and are subject to current styles and trends, we expect our students to come to school dressed in good taste. Any article of apparel that is determined by the teachers or principal to be disruptive of the learning environment, destructive to school property, or hazardous to the health and safety of the child shall not be permitted.  Some items that are not acceptable as normal school apparel are:

  1. Obscene or suggestive words, symbols or pictures on clothing.
  2. Articles of clothing displaying symbols or advertising associated with alcoholic beverages or controlled substances.
  3. Excessively worn, torn, holey, dirty or smelly clothes.
  4. Walking shorts are acceptable, however, they must be in modest length and in good taste; this also applies to skirts and dresses.
  5. Belts are required with pants that have belt loops to ensure that pants are fitting properly on waist.
  6. Tops, shirts, shorts, and pants that do not cover appropriate body areas and/or ill-fitting are not permitted.
  7. High heels & flip flops are neither appropriate nor safe footwear for PE, recess, and daily school wear.


Notification of when to wear shorts will be communicated to students on a seasonal basis.

Students whose dress is not yet seasonally appropriate may need to call home for appropriate clothing or wear clothing provided by the school.  If at any time you have a question or concern about what is acceptable or appropriate school attire, please call the school and speak to the principal or the head teacher.


Special Occasions

Prior arrangements need to be made with the child’s teacher and the school office, before sending flowers, balloons, etc. to school for students.   All celebrations need to be pre-arranged with your child’s teacher so that their instructional time is not disrupted.


Field Trips/Assemblies

Field trips and assemblies are a worthwhile part of a student’s education and are designed to be entertaining and educational. Students are expected to exhibit proper and acceptable behavior at all times, including assemblies and/or field trips.  If improper behavior is exhibited, those students may lose the privilege of being included in future assemblies and/or field trips.  Parents are encouraged to become board approved chaperones.

Chaperone Guidelines

  1. Chaperones must be board approved.
  2. Chaperones must follow the directions of the staff member(s) in charge of the field trip.
  3. Chaperones must be in constant supervision of the students that have been assigned to them.
  4. No smoking on school property or while on the field trip.
  5. No drinking of alcoholic beverages on school property or while on the field trip.
  6. Use only appropriate language.
  7. Use cell phones only in an emergency situation.
  8. Photographs are permitted, however you may post only pictures of your child on social media.


Public Access to School Regulations, Policies and Laws

All citizens may review Board of Education policies and administrative regulations at each local school.  Comments are received from school employees and the public prior to the adoption of any new policy.  School Laws of West Virginia is available in the principal’s office and is made available upon request.  You may contact the principal if you have any questions regarding the operation of Jefferson County Schools in general or Ranson Elementary School specifically.


Student Council

                Ranson Elementary School has a Student Council with elected representation from grades three, four and five.  The Student Council is a very active group within the school, greeting visitors, working on fund-raisers, assisting teachers and students, and overall promoting good school climate/culture and sprit for Ranson Elementary.  The students are involved with the community by sponsoring yearly food drives and working on community clean ups, and beautification projects.  We encourage students and parents to participate in and give support to our student council.



West Virginia Policy 4373: Expected Behaviors in Safe and Supportive Schools


At Ranson Elementary School we support Policy 4373 by adhering to our Vision Statement:

To win in life . . .

     RESPECT yourself.

          RESPECT others.

               RESPECT our school.




We have adopted the following measures to ensure a safe and supportive environment at Ranson Elementary School:


  1.  Minimum requirements - see the entire policy at:



  2.  Behavior Management Principles
  1. Guidelines for success and promoting responsible behavior:

    “To win in life RESPECT yourself, RESPECT others and RESPECT our school.”

  2. Class organization
    1. Daily schedule
    2. Physical space
    3. Attention signal
    4. Develop classroom procedures
    5. Student work
    6. Classroom management plan
  3.  Menu of class/school corrective consequences
  1. Time owed
  2. Time out
  3. Restitution
  4. Positive Practice – reteach
  5. Parent Contact through email, phone, agenda, note: documented
  6. Detention
  7. Office Referral
  8. ISS  & OSS placement
  9. Conference with the Counselor
  10. Conference with the Principal or Head Teacher\

General School Rules

  1. Walk throughout the school (except in the gym during physical education class or a specified time).
  2. Gum will not be permitted in any area of the school, including outside on school grounds.(special teacher permission)
  3. Walkers should go directly home after school and should respect the property of others on their way home.
  4. Toys should be left at home unless a teacher requests that a specific item be brought in for an educational purpose.  (This would include all electronic devices).
  5. School property and the property of others are to be respected by all students.
  6. Students should not be in the school building before or after school hours for any purpose unless permission has been granted by the principal or the principal’s designee.
  7. Any student recommended for expulsion will have a hearing with the Board of Education and follow guidelines under 18-A-5-1a.
  8. Cell phones should be turned off and signed in to the office when entering the building.  Students can pick phones up at the end of the school day in the office.



 School Wide Student Behavior Procedures and Guidelines


The following information has been formulated by the School Improvement Council to assist Ranson Elementary to be a more effective and safe school.

 1.  Returning Correspondence

      Report cards – one week time limit to be returned (unless prior arrangements have been made with the teacher.)

      Envelopes only for grades 3-5 need to be signed and returned.

 2.  Out of District Students

     a.  If an out of district student displays continued behavior or attendance concerns, it could warrant a conference with the

          teacher, principal, county administrator, and parent of student in question. The student’s transfer could be rescinded at that

          time and he/she would be returned to their home school.

     b.  When the list for Out of District student forms are to be approved at end of year, special circumstances relating to behavior,     

          tardiness and attendance are reviewed before a final decision is made for acceptance.


3.    Offenses Resulting in Suspension

     a.    A student must be expelled if they:

  • possessed a deadly weapon.
  • assaulted a school employee.
  • sold a narcotic drug.

       b.    A student may be expelled for the following reasons:

  • unlawfully possessing a controlled substance.
  • committing acts that would be a felony.
  • threatening or injuring a student or school employee.
  • willful disobeying and violating school rules.
  • possession of alcohol.
  • use profane language directed at a school employee or pupil.
  • defacing or threatening school property
  • fighting.


4.  Hallways – School Wide

        a.  Passes are required for students who are walking unsupervised in the building (bathroom, office, nurse, counselor, etc.)

             If any staff member notice a student in the hall without a pass, they are to send them back to their room to acquire one.

        b.  Students need to be quiet at all times in the hallways while classes are in session.

        c.   Students will always walk in the hallways for safety precaution.


5.   Bathroom Guidelines

       a.    Always wash hands after bathroom use. 

       b.    Keep bathroom neat and dispose of paper properly.

       c.    No playing in the bathroom for safety reasons.

      d.    Pens, pencils, scissors, etc., are not allowed in restrooms.


6.   Playground Guidelines

       a.    Follow playground rules as established by your teachers and principal.  The teachers know the physical capabilities of their

              students and will use their discretion as to what equipment their students can use.

       b.    Students should stay in view of the teacher or school personnel in charge at  all times.

       c.    Excessive rough play will not be permitted on the playground.

       d.    Students should treat equipment with care so it will last for future students at Ranson Elementary.


7.    Cafeteria Guidelines  

       a.   Breakfast and lunch times should be pleasant for all students.  Students should sit while eating and talk in low tones so as

             to not disturb others and for safety measures.

       b.   Students are expected to practice good table manners during meals.

       c.   Eat only food served or that which is packed in your lunch.  (No sharing food.)    

       d.   Food or drinks can only be brought from home when students are eating packed lunch, which should not have any glass

             items. Milk can also be purchased in the cafeteria if you packed lunch.

       e.   Keep hands, feet, and objects to self.

       f.    Use ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, etc., appropriately.

       g.   Silence is necessary in hallways when coming and leaving the cafeteria, and always walk on the right side when possible.

       h.   No glass containers or carbonated beverages due to safety concerns.


We do believe that meals are a positive time for students to interact with one another, but at the same time, the safety of all students is a priority, therefore, these guidelines need to be enforced.




Students will receive a warning if they break a cafeteria rule.  Students will receive written notification if they break a cafeteria rule after a warning has been verbally given during the same period. Consequences assigned may include:


1.    Re-teach proper behavior.

  1. Eat at another table in cafeteria.
  2. Removed from cafeteria to eat in another area.
  3. Conference with Principal or Head Teacher.




Ranson Education Association

The REA is a school affiliated organization that strives to support the school and to benefit its students.  Many activities, including book fairs and candy sales, are fund-raisers are sponsored by the REA.  If you are interested in volunteering your services to the REA, a form will be sent out in the fall.  More REA information will be at our first meeting October 8, 2019.

Parents are given opportunities to serve on the Parent Advisory Council which meets three times a year to review the school’s Strategic Plan, the Parent Compact and the Parent Involvement Policy as well as other concerns.

Parents are also provided a volunteer request form early in the year in which many choices of opportunities to assist at school are listed.  Parents can choose the opportunities that best fit their interest, time and talent.


Ranson Elementary is dedicated to recognizing the individual differences of each student and offer an education program that gives various opportunities for successful learning and growth.

Ranson Elementary School offers the following programs and activities that we feel best target our population:

  • Student council projects
  • P.A.S.S. Program
  • Rising Rockets
  • B.U.G. Program
  • Parent Workshops
  • Principal Award Recognition
  • Chorus/Band
  • Extra Curricular Activities
  • Grade Level Awards for Academic Success
  • Student of the Month, Character Awards
  • Honor Roll Recognition
  • Teacher Pupil Parent Conferences
  • Extended Day Programs
  • School Wide Title I Activities and Services
  • Peer Mediation Program
  • STEM Program
  • Read Aloud
  • Interest clubs
  • Celebrate Learning
  • “Character Counts” Student Recognition
  • WV Extension Service
  • Boys & Girls Club support
  • Student Savings Program with BB&T
  • Interventionist support
  • R.I.F. - Reading is Fundamental
  • W.V. Achievement Scholars Program
  • Red Rocket Rewards
  • S.A.T. and I.E.P. Meetings
  • Reading Counts
  • Super Lunch with Business Partners
  • Wellness Activities and Mental Health Awareness
  • Reasoning Mind Math

School Business Partners


Jones Insurance

Charles Town Kiwanis


City of Ranson

Jefferson County Extension Service

State Farm Insurance

Boys and Girls Club

Allstate Insurance

Kiwanis Club


Long and Foster

The Bridge

Pizza City

American Public University

Ranson Police Dept.

The U.S. Coast Guard

Jefferson Memorial VFW Auxiliary

M Street Bakery

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority


Some activities our business partners have supported during the past years include:


American Education Week                                     Tours at the businesses

Recognition of the Principal Award Winners             Celebrate Learning table

Recognition of Excelling Students                           Teacher Appreciation Week

Spring Hat Contest Judges                                     Display of student’s art projects

Super Lunch Student Recognition                            Read Aloud

P.A.S.S. Program                                                   B.U.G. – Bring Up Grades Recognition                         

Spelling Bee Judges                                               Use of Civic Center & City Park

Career Week                                                         Volunteer Day of Caring

Food Drives                                                           Guest speaker programs

R.I.F. – Reading is Fundamental                               School supply & Book donations

“Adopt a Family” donations


Sharing Good News and Improving School Climate at Ranson Elementary School 

Student  Recognition Program

Research indicates that students who feel good about themselves and their school are better achievers.  At Ranson Elementary we believe that every student must be provided the opportunity to achieve success and become winners.  These incentive programs are designed to encourage positive attitudes, appropriate manners, high achievement, personal improvement and good attendance habits.  The intent of this program is to recognize and reinforce appropriate types of school behaviors and practices.

Principal’s Award – This award is given once a month to a student in grades (K-5), that display a Positive Mental Attitude toward school and school related activities and meet our monthly Character Count traits.

Student of the Month – These students will be recognized monthly by their classroom teachers for demonstrating pride, cooperation, enthusiasm, improvement and excellence in their day to day activities.

B,U,G, - This recognition, Bringing Up Grades, is an incentive program to encourage students to not only maintain good grades, but bring up at least one grade in any subject area at the end of the grading period.  The Charles Town Kiwanis Club sponsors this program for those students who earn this award.

Perfect Attendees – Students with perfect attendance for each grading period will  receive a certificate and coupon in their homeroom class.

Super Lunch Student – Students are chosen once a month to eat at the Super Lunch Table.  These students have displayed excellent school lunch behaviors and displayed appropriate lunch room manners throughout the week.  Business Partners usually join the students for lunch.

Good Conduct Award – Students that have excelled or improved in the area of behavior in the classroom.

Class Perfect Attendance Award – Classes each week are recognized for having the best attendance.

Special Awards – At least one student from each homeroom is recognized at the end of each grading period for some type of positive behavior, personal improvement or high achievement.  The Kiwanis Club sponsors this award.  Students in 1-2 receive recognition for mastery or above.

Honor Roll – Students in grades 3rd-5th receive recognition for B averages and above or Meeting Standards, and an S or O in specials.

Banker of the Month – Students that bank on a regular basis throughout the year are specially recognized each month and given a tour of BB&T Bank at the end of the school year.

Character Counts – Opportunities are made available for all students to receive a “Red Rocket” when displaying one of the six “Character Count” behaviors.  When students accumulate 5 “Red Rockets” they will receive a special reward.

Robert L. Sherman Award - awarded to a third grade and fifth grade student exhibiting outstanding character.

David Fuller Academic Progress Award - awarded to a fifth grade student showing great academic improvement.

Mayor A. David Hamill Leadership Award- awarded to a fifth grade student who demonstrates outstanding qualities of school and peer leadership.

Outstanding Scholastic Achievement - awarded to a fifth grade student with the highest grade point average from third to fifth grade and with high state assessment scores.



Happy notes/awards/posters                Good behavior certificates/Red Rockets

Have lunch with principal                     Name on principal’s bulletin board

Phone calls to parents                          Personal contact during the day

 Parent/student/principal conference      Talking to classrooms as a group

 Student/principal conference                 Letters of commendation to students

 Verbal and non-verbal reinforcement      Letters of commendation about students to parents

 Citizenship awards                                Grading period rewards for positive behavior




You, as parents, have the following rights:


  • To inspect and review the educational records of your child.
  • To know that written consent from the parent or eligible student must be obtained before personally identifiable information can be released with the exception that this information can be disclosed to school officials and authorities who the school system determines to have legitimate educational interest in the student. 
  • To know that the following personally identifiable information is located at each individual school and maintained by the building principal:   directory information, cumulative folder and school records.  Psychological and educational diagnostic evaluations are located in both the child’s school and county office.
  • To know that the school system may presume that either parent of the student has authority to inspect and review the educational records of the student unless there is evidence to the contrary.
  • To request, in writing an amendment of the information contained in the educational records believed to be inaccurate.
  • To know that the following directory information may be disclosed without parent consent: Student’s name, parent/guardian, name, address, telephone listing, date and place of birth, major field of study, participation in sports, student’s weight/height, dates of attendance, degree received, awards received, most recent education agency or institution attended.  Parents must inform the school system within 10 days of this notice if they refuse the disclosure of this information to the armed forces. To file a complaint with the educational agency or institution for failure to comply with requirements of this policy.  Disclosure of Student Data by contacting the Director of Pupil Services at your local Board of Education office.


 As required by federal laws and regulations, the Jefferson County Board of Education does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, disability, age or national origin in employment or in the administration of any of its educational programs and activities. Inquiries may be directed to Martin Soltis, Title IX Coordinator, or Cindy Jones, Section 504 Coordinator, Jefferson County Board of Education, 110 Mordington Ave, Charles Town WV, 25414, 304-725-9741; to the State Title IX Coordinator, (304)558-3401, to the State 504 Coordinator, (304) 558-2696, West Virginia Department of Education, Charleston, WV 25304, or to the U.S. Department of Education’s Director of the Office of Civil Rights, (215)656-8541, TDD (215) 656-8604.

Please refer to http://jeffersoncounty.schoolwires.net for additional information governing our schools in the Jefferson County School Student, Parent, and Staff  Handbook.


School wide Title 1 Program


Welcome to a very active Title 1 school. All throughout the year you will be receiving many invitations to attend special events at Ranson. We will begin early in the school year with our  “Open House.” We will be hosting a Reading Night,  Math Night, and a Test Prep Night for our families. The year will conclude with our “End of Year” picnic.

Extended day and extended year programs are also available at Ranson through our Title 1 program.

An annual Title 1 School Strategic Plan  is developed by a team of staff, parents and students. A copy of this plan is available for your review in our school office. Your comments and suggestions are desired.

A copy of our Local School Improvement Board presentation is also available to you in the office. This plan is developed by our Local School Involvement Committee and presents some sharing points about Ranson Elementary and our make-up.  

All Title 1 documents including our Parent Compact and our Parent Involvement Policy will be given to each student for our

parents/caregivers to sign and return receipts to school. Additional copies of these documents will be made available upon request.

 “Students whose families are involved in their learning earn better grades, enroll in higher level programs, have higher graduation rates, and are more likely to enroll in post-secondary education” Beyond the Bake Sale, Henderson Mapp, Johnson & Davies.                      


To win in life…

RESPECT yourself.

RESPECT others.

RESPECT our school.



Your child is counting on you!



Mission Statement

It is the mission of Ranson Elementary to encourage student growth by fostering learning and success.


Vision Statement

To “Win in Life” Ranson students will be grounded in these principles of












School Goals

Reading Language Arts

Overall proficiency in Literacy at Ranson Elementary for 5th grade students will be at or above 55% by 2019 – 2020 SY measured by the end of year state assessment.



Overall proficiency in Mathematics at Ranson Elementary for 5th grade students will be at or above 51% by 2019 – 2020 SY measured by the end of year state assessment.


Culture and Climate

Attendance at Ranson Elementary will increase for all students by 2% by the end of 2019 – 2020 SY

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