From the Principal

  Debra R. Corbett

Ranson Elementary School
National Title I Distinguished School ~ WV Title I Distinguished School
WV School of Excellence
"Fired Up to Learn"

August 2018

Dear Parents,

The staff of Ranson Elementary would like to welcome you and your child to an exciting year of"Commitment to Learning Through Planning."Our student handbook planner will be serving many purposes in order to benefit the student, teacher, and parent.

It is very important for our students to start good habits early; and by using their planner regularly throughout the year we hope to:

1. Enhance effective home-school communication

2. Develop organization and time-management skills

3. Make learning fun, diverse, and unique to all students

Our staff will need your cooperation and support by seeing that the use of your child's planner is a successful one.Remember that everyone benefits!

Planners are given to all students in grades kindergarten through fifth at no charge. However, if it is lost, damaged, or destroyed; a replacement fee will be charged. It is mandatory that all kindergarten through fifth grade students at Ranson Elementary have their planner to use during the school year. The planner has been approved by our School Improvement Council, Faculty Senate, and the Ranson Elementary Association.

We hope that you will take this opportunity for continued support and involvement in your child's education and help in celebrating their academic success and personal growth.

We are also proud to announce thatALLstudents will receiveFREEbreakfast and lunch this year as well as a Fresh Fruit or Vegetable snack. Please encourage your child to take advantage of our school's nutritional program and eat school meals.


Debra R. Corbett, Principal

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