4th Grade Supply List (Recommended)

school supplies list

  • Over the shoulder, sturdy bag with handle (such as)         
    • reusable shopping bag (not plastic)
    • canvas bag,
    • any kind of medium, inexpensive, over the shoulder bag
  • 3 pack of wide-ruled loose-leaf paper (leave in the plastic please)
  • 4-5 packs of regular pencils (no mechanical!)
  • several erasers (either large or pencil toppers)
  • 2-3 highlighters (any color/kind)
  • 2-4 glue sticks 
  • pencil box or bag (only one)
  • 2 wide-ruled COMPOSITION notebooks (1 for writing, 1 for science)
  • (3) 1 subject wide-ruled SPIRAL notebook (2 for math, 1 for reading)  

PLEASE do not label at all. This will all be taken care of on the first day.


  • colored pencils, or crayons and something small to hold them in
  • small scissors

    OPTIONAL (for teacher/classroom donation)       
  • 2-3 boxes (or more ☺) of inexpensive tissues (please!)
  • 1 pack of index cards
  • 1 pack of sticky notes (any brand/color)
  •  yellow and green (only these colors) solid color pocket folders with prongs(PLEASE DO NOT WRITE NAMES ON THESE)
  • dry erase markers

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