Quaver Set-up Instructions Per grade level
Welcome Parents & Students! Here are directions to join Quaver! The kids have heard and seen me using Quaver in all the classes from time to time.  Here you can make a username and password for the kids to join into the wonderful world of Quaver!  They can make their own avatar and play music games like writing your own songs or putting together dances.  

This is a great way to release some energy and challenge your creativity too!  There are fun videos and good clean songs to listen to in the music shop. If you click on the Student Tab, you can find assignments including songs to sing along with, games and recorder songs for the upper grades to play along with like Perry the Sheep.

Click on the links below to see a PDF with codes on how to join Quaver. It's important to pick the correct one for your child's grade level. Please write down the passwords so they can get back in.  There are different assignments for different grade levels according to the difficulty of the content and what things we are learning and working on.  

Quick guide to codes:  
Kindergarten:     8JTJU
1st-3rd:          JN6UP
4th-5th:          MYPNW
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