Bring Up Grades BUG Awards

Ranson Elementary students have an opportunity to earn B.U.G.

Awards at the end of the first semester, and the third and fourth

grading periods.

B.U.G. Awards are presented to those students who have made

improvements on their report card when compared to the previous

grade report period.

Grade levels winning the highest percentage of B.U.G. awards

throughout the year will be given a celebration party.

Students receiving B.U.G. Awards have the opportunity to win

prizes, including savings bonds.

Ranson Elementary is grateful to the Charles Town Kawanis for

sponsoring our B.U.G. program with special thanks to

Mr. Reymond and Ms. Penny Fuller, Club President.


The next time you visit Ranson, look for the bugs outside each classroom. We are proud of our students' work!

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